Creating Your Own Student Organization

 If you are unable to find a student organization that fits your particular interests, or you have a great idea for a new and unique organization, then you have the option to start your own organization.  There are specific guidelines to be followed in order for your new organization to become official.

Steps To Becoming a Student Organization

Tip: Before you begin, ask yourself, “How does my proposed student organization differ from what is              already offered on the NIU campus?”
The NIU Student Association does not recognize or support student organizations that double or duplicate the efforts of currently existing organizations.

1. Obtain a “Recognition Packet” from the Student Association website. Located under the Documents tab, scroll down to organizational forms.  There you should be able to locate the “Recognition Packet”.

2. Read the entire “Recognition Packet” meticulously.  This packet details the process for becoming a registered organization as well as listing the privileges that accompanies organizations that have registered with the Student Association.  Follow the instructions inside the “Recognition Packet” and submit it to the Student Association office. 

3. Upon your submission of the “Recognition Packet” the President and/or Vice-President of your new student organization must schedule a meeting with the Vice-President of the Student Association.  You can contact the Student Association office at 815-753-0486 in order to schedule an appointment.    

Requesting Full Recognition from the Senate
After receiving temporary recognition from the Vice-President of the Student Association, the organization must come before the Northern Illinois University Senate, at a scheduled appointment made with the Speaker of the Senate (815-753-0486).  The purpose is to relate to the forty-member panel information on the purpose of your organization and its future goals.  Be sure to be on time for your meeting and dress accordingly (formal business attire)!  The Senate always meets on Sundays at 6pm on the top floor of the HSC hotel tower.

Student Association Recognition Procedure Checklist
• Fill out the following forms included in the “Recognition Packet”. 
Officer Forms
Advisor Agreement
Application for Recognition
Mailbox Request (Optional)

• Create a constitution and return it with the above paperwork.
• Obtain the signatures of all officers and advisors, where appropriate.
• Make two copies of the completed forms.  Keep one copy for your records and submit the other to the Student Association office CLB 180.
• The information is routed to the Student Involvement and Leadership Development department.
• The President of your organization will be contacted and asked to appear before the Student Association Senate.  At this time, Senators will have the opportunity to ask questions about your organization regarding funding, membership, objectives, etc, and make suggestions for your organization’s constitution.  After a brief period of questioning, the Senate will vote on whether or not to officially grant your organization’s request for recognition.
• In the following week, the organization’s advisor or president will be notified of the result of the action taken with the organization’s request for recognition.  The organization members may also contact the Vice-President of the Student Ass