Leadership Academy

Emerging Leaders is the first tier of the curriculum.  It is designed to enhance participants’ leadership skills by introducing them to concepts and purposes of leadership as well as to the various leadership opportunities on campus.  During this tier, students attend workshops conducted by NIU faculty and staff.  They also attend informational meetings presented by student organizations or community organizations, depending on the interests of the participant.

Upon successful completion of the first tier, student leaders are then transitioned into the second, or Evolving Leaders, tier.  Therein, the student leaders begin implementing their newly learned leadership skills by moving into organizational leadership positions, participating in leadership seminars or conferences, obtaining membership in honor societies, receiving recognition for their accomplishments in areas of their interest, or a plethora of approved, hands on, experiences.    

In the third, Engaging Leaders, tier of the curriculum student leaders begin to partner with Student Involvement & Leadership Development's leadership staff to help coordinate the leadership program itself and mentor other student leaders. Engaging Leaders can also do the same for an organization of their choice.

It is our hope that through this combination of curricular (classroom based) and co-curricular (outside the classroom) learning experiences, students will be better prepared for leadership roles in our community and around the world.

For more information on the Leadership Academy please contact Student Involvement & Leadership Development at 815-753-6595; visit http://www.niu.edu/studentinvolvement/leadership/academy.shtml, or stop by our office in the Campus Life Building, room 150. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have about the program!