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Thank you for an excellent Homecoming 2015!

Let's plan for an even more amazing Homecoming 2016!

2015 Homecoming Events Competition Results

Overall Point Totals Winners:

1.  Residence Hall Association (70)

2.  Deaf Pride (70)

3.  Event Production Services (70)

Places were awarded based on the following tiebreakers. The organization that participated in the most events received first place, after that, the organization that placed in the most events received second. 

Light Up the Campus

1.  New Hall Hall Council

2.  Neptune Hall Council

3.  Student Involvement and Leadership Development

Powder Puff Football

1.  NIU Women's Rugby Team (20 points)
2.  S.I.S.T.E.R.S. (15 points)
3.  Alpha Phi Omega (10 points)

Paint the Town

1.  Deaf Pride (30 points)
2.  Event Production Services (20 points)
3.  Lambda Sigma Sophomore Honor Society (10 points)

Recycled Boat Race

1.  Sigma Alpha Mu (20 points)
2.   Delta Upsilon (15 points)
3.  Residence Hall Association (10 points)

Yell Like Hell

1.  Sigma Sigma Sigma & Phi Kappa Psi (20 points each)
2.  Phi Sigma Kappa & Alpha Sigma Alpha (15 points)
3.  Alpha Phi & Sigma Nu (10 points)   


1.  Event Production Services (50 points)
2.  NIU Campus Child Care (40 points)
3.  Holmes Student Center (30 points)


1.  Phi Kappa Sigma (10 points)

Food Drive

1.  Tied at 30 points:
Residence Hall Association
Alpha Phi Omega
2.  Deaf Pride (20 points)
3.  Tied at 10 points:
Lambda Sigma Sophomore Honor Society
Alpha Omega Epsilon

Homecoming King & Queen Winners

Reggie Bates

Megan Haduch

For Homecoming Court Voting results click here.

Thank you!