Fraternity and Sorority Life

Policies & Forms


NIU Relationship Statement (List of minimum expectations for the university and chapters)
Roster Update Policy (Policy regarding policy changes and deadlines)
On Campus Event Policy (Policies regarding events occurring on university grounds)
Off Campus Social Policy (Policies regarding events occurring outside the university limits)


Off-Campus Event Registration Form (Due five (5) business days before the event)
On-Campus Event Registration Form (Form must be completed at least two (2) weeks prior to event)
Special Events Planning Form (Due September 23 for events occurring in the spring)
Greek Chapter Service Hours Report (Due the 15th of each month)
Prospective Member Form (Due November 15th or April 15th)
Roster Addition Form (Due November 15th or April 15th)
Roster Removal Form (Due November 15th or April 15th)
Initiation List (Due one (1) week after initiation)
Notification of Conducting Intake (Due September 15th or February 15th)
Notification of Abstaining from Intake (Due September 15th or February 15th)

Online Forms

Chapter Officer Update Form (Update within one (1) week of elections)
Community Service Form (Due the 15th of each month)
Philanthropic Event Form (Due within two (2) weeks of the event)
Website Update Form (Changes will only be accepted until January 20th for the Spring semester and June 16th for the Summer and Fall semesters)
Organizational Incident Report (This document should be used when you believe that a student organization has committed a violation of the Student Code of Conduct or other applicable university policy)
Order of Omega Application (PDF)
Order of Omega Application (DOC)


Relationship Statement Checklist and Deadlines (Important dates and deadlines for presidents throughout the year)
Fraternity & Sorority Life Report Card (A look at how our chapters are doing)Awards

Greek Individual Awards