Fraternity & Sorority Life


The success of the Fraternity & Sorority community depends on the advisory support of chapter advisors, faculty advisors, and inter/national headquarter staff. Engaged volunteers are essential to the continued growth of our chapters. 

There are three types of fraternity and sorority volunteer advisors:

  • Faculty Advisors (concentrating on university relations, questions about univeristy policies and operations)
  • Chapter/Alumni Advisors (concentrating mainly on chapter operations such as leadership, recruitment/intake, standards, etc.)
  • House Corporations (concentrating on housing issues, for those groups with houses)

Need to Know Policies and Forms


NIU Relationship Statement (List of minimum expectation for the university and chapters)
Roster Update Policy (Policy regarding policy changes and deadlines)
On Campus Event Policy (Policies regarding events occurring on university grounds)
Off Campus Social Policy (Policies regarding events occurring outside the university limits)


Prospective Member Form (Due November 15th or April 15th)
Roster Addition Form (Due November 15th or April 15th)
Roster Removal Form (Due November 15th or April 15th)
Initiation List (Due one (1) week after initiation)
Notification of Conducting Intake (Due September 15th or February 15th)
Notification of Abstaining from Intake (Due September 15th or February 15th)

Online Forms

Chapter Officer Update Form (Update within one (1) week of elections)


The Definition of an Advisor

How the Advisor can assist the organization

General Advising Tips

Roles and Responsibilities of an Advisor