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Client Policies


  • In order to gain access to the pantry, clients must be currently enrolled NIU students without an NIU meal plan during the fall or spring semester. During the summer semester, students must be enrolled for the following semester (and not have a meal plan) in order to receive access to the pantry. Students must present their NIU OneCard while utilizing the pantry services, at all times.
  • During university break periods, when Campus Dining Services are closed, any currently enrolled NIU students may utilize the Huskie Food Pantry so long as they present their NIU OneCard.
  • All clients are expected to maintain and uphold the policies listed in the Northern Illinois University Student Handbook. Any clients found to be in violation of the policies listed within the handbook will be dealt with accordingly.

Item Acquisition Process

  • The Huskie Food Pantry opens no sooner than 10 minutes before its scheduled start time. Volunteers need adequate time to set-up and serve the pantry’s clients. All clients must fill out the intake survey prior to receiving their numbered ticket. The surveys allow us to track data which we use to receive funding and community support for our initiatives.
  • Tickets are provided to each person after they complete the intake survey. These tickets guarantee clients’ spot in line and will be used to help with the flow of traffic through the pantry. However, if a client is not present when their ticket is called twice, they will have twenty minutes from when their number was called or they will lose their place in line and need to take a new ticket in order to receive access to the pantry.
  • Clients should not leave the pantry until they have ‘checked-out’ with a volunteer at the check-out station.

Clients are strongly encouraged to bring their own re-usable bags to each pantry. These cost the pantry to provide. Clients who do not have re-usable bags will be limited to two if the pantry is able to provide them.

Emergency To-Go Bag Policies

Emergency ‘To-Go’ bags are only available to students in emergency situations. Emergency situations include drastic food emergencies (i.e. a fire destroyed any access to food; they have expressed a lack of food). Since students will have weekly consistent access to the Huskie Food Pantry. Each student who is provided with a to-go bag must fill out the intake form. All completed intake forms should be sent to Student Involvement & Leadership Development after they are filled out by the student.

These bags are housed at:

  • Financial Aid & Scholarships and Student Involvement & Leadership Development (8 a.m. - noon and 1-4:30 p.m.)
  • NIU Police & Public Safety (24 hours a day, seven days a week).

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Huskie Food Pantry
Located in the Chick Evans Field House on the south side of the building, across from Graham and Gabel halls.


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