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The Kevin D. Knight Leadership Awards Ceremony

Kevin D. Knight was a Northern Illinois University (NIU) alumnus who embodied what it is to be a student leader.  He was an exemplary leader, serving NIU as a catalyst for positive change and as a role model for up and coming student leaders to follow.  Kevin used his time at NIU well, dedicating himself to the betterment of campus life for all students.  He worked hard in various leadership positions while receiving numerous awards and recognition for his work. 

Kevin seemed to feel that his greatest accomplishment was to encourage his friends and peers to serve their university and the community.  It is in the hearts of the students who knew him that his memory and his efforts carry on.  For this purpose, the Kevin D. Knight Student Leadership Awards Ceremony is in honor of one of NIU’s great student leaders.  Let us remember this model student leader by carrying the torch of exemplary leadership and working for a better NIU.

The purpose of the Leadership Awards Program is to recognize the leadership contributions of NIU students to the community.  The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management and the Department of Student Involvement & Leadership Development would like to identify students who have been intentional about their leadership development. The students who are recognized each year are purposeful about finding opportunities to clarify their values, to set an example for others, to envision the future, to take risks, to foster collaboration, and to recognize the contributions made by their peers.  Institutional tuition waivers and a variety of other leadership awards are offered and presented at the Kevin D. Knight Leadership Awards Ceremony that will take place on Sunday, April 29, 2012.

Contact Student Involvement & Leadership Development at 815-753-1421 or with any questions.

Applications for 2012-2013 awards will be up shortly! Stay posted!