Community Service

Spring 2015 Issues & Destinations

Civil Rights:

The Freedom Foundation - Selma, AL 

Students will be traveling to the historically rich Selma, Alabama for a week of service. Despite its critical role in the advancement of our country’s Civil Rights movement, Selma is still plagued with segregation and racism. We will be working with The Freedom Foundation – an organization committed to ministering in Selma’s progression and believes in a valuable learning opportunity – for the duration of the trip.

While in Selma, we will be advocating Civil Rights and the importance of diversity and equality while working with youth, helping build a youth institute, and doing community improvement projects. This year, we have the amazing opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday and explore the town of Selma. This experience is a life changing opportunity that will give many of us a new outlook on Civil Rights and the problem of inequality that still strikes our nation.

Affordable Housing:

Habitat for Humanity - Pensacola, FL

HAB students will once again be taking a trip to Pensacola, Florida to give a hand to an outstanding international organization, Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization which provides affordable housing to low-income families. Through this trip students will not only be helping build houses or restoring them for those in need, but they will also make a life-long impact on a family. We will be hammering nails into concrete, putting together walls, and installing windows. By the time our spring break is over two slabs of concrete will have houses sitting on them with windows, doors, and a roof. We hope to see you there! Your two hands could help build a family a home.

Equality for People with Disabilities:

Camp Summit - Argyle, TX

Camp Summit is a 117 acre resort that provides individuals 6 years of age and older with a barrier-free outdoor experience that promotes personal growth and fosters independence for individuals with disabilities. This outdoor experience offers the campers opportunities to challenge their ABILITIES instead of their disABILITIES by providing them with recreational, therapeutic, and social activities while having tons and tons of fun!

As volunteers, students will be camp counselors and work two-on-one with the campers while encouraging them to try the various activities the camp offers in order to help build their self-esteem, increase their independence, and grow as a person. At each camp session, campers participate in activities that most campers enjoy every day, such as horseback riding, swimming, arts & crafts, nature studies, kaleidoscope, ropes challenge course, and sports/games. During our spring break, we hope to advocate the rights of individuals with disabilities and will show support by embracing the campers with respect.

Winter 2014 

Shelter for Pregnant Homeless Women and Their Children:

Our Lady's Inn - St. Louis, MI

Our Lady's Inn offers housing and various services to pregnant women experiencing homelessness. Women are provided with a safe place to live where they can find support, encouragement, nurturing and the resources necessary to move toward self-sufficiency. Because this HAB trip will take place during the holiday season, volunteers will assist with putting together the Christmas party. Additionally, volunteers will help with other projects such as meal preparation, cleaning, and taking care of the children at the shelter.