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As members of the NIU Huskie Family, we are committed to the principles of the Northern PACT: creating a just, caring, open, disciplined, and celebrative community. This year, we are focusing on a “celebrative” community—where traditions are honored, and both past and new rituals are embraced.

Each day, NIU Huskie Family members live the Northern PACT!  Here are some ways you can do it too:
• Be responsible about your safety and the wellbeing of your friends.
• Keep your noise level appropriate; keep it down if you are in a residential area or near others who are not a part of your gathering.
• Be mindful of NIU’s Student Code of Conduct, particularly regarding off-campus parties and events.
• Speak up: If you see something that doesn’t seem right.
• Get help: If you or someone needs help.
• Just act: Keep our community strong by getting involved!

NIU Campus Safety Website

NIU maintains a Campus Safety website that provides a variety of safety-related resources, including a Frequently Asked Questions page and a Safety Services link.  In addition, the Bystander Intervention Education initiative conducts trainings for students to help them learn to be effective bystanders and intervene in situations when there are clues that something might be out of hand.

The Bystander Intervention Education initiative supported the development of I Will videos about the residence halls, athletics, and Greek letter organizations.  Take a look to see what students have pledged to the Huskie Community.

Speak Up, Get Help, Just Act

NIU Huskie Student Patrol (Walk Safe Program)

On weeknights, between the hours of 6 p.m. and 2 a.m., students can contact the Huskie Student Patrol at 815-753-9658. A trained member of that organization will meet and escort them to residence halls, parking lots or any other destination on campus. This service is provided free of charge.

NIU Huskie Safe Line (formerly Late Night Ride)

The new Huskie Safe Line offers shuttle service during late night hours after the Huskie Bus Line stops running. The shuttle service runs from 11 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. daily and travels a fixed route with 35 convenient pick-up and drop-off locations over two distinct routes.  Riders can catch the Huskie Safe Line van by simply going to the closest stop and waiting by the sign that says "Huskie Safe Line."  The north route stops at each location approximately every 15 minutes and the south route stops at each location approximately every 20 minutes.  This free service is available to NIU students, faculty, and staff as well as community members with disabilities.  Riders must present a valid NIU OneCard or Illinois Person with a Disability Identification Card to use the service, and riders are allowed to bring a guest with them. For more complete information and guidelines on the Huskie Safe Line and their shuttle routes, check out the website.

NIU Tip Line

The university maintains a Tip Line based in part upon the International Crime Stopper Program. It provides callers with the opportunity to report information about illegal activities and/or violations of the Student Code of Conduct, without revealing the caller's identity. To report information, call 815-753-TIPS (8477).

DeKalb Police Department iWatch

To report suspicious behaviors or activities, use the City of DeKalb’s iWatch website, send a text to 1-815-673-7603, call the Tip Line at 815-673-7603, or download the app for your smartphone.

On-Street Parking Changes

The following notice was provided by the Police Department of the City of DeKalb.

Safety Tips

Students can help ensure personal safety by observing the following guidelines:

  • Shutting and locking doors when leaving rooms and never leaving property unattended.
  • Marking property so it can be identified if it is stolen and later recovered.
  • Following all rules of the road when driving a car, walking, riding a bicycle, or using other forms of personal transportation, such as rollerblades, skateboards, or scooters.
  • Making wise decisions regarding alcohol use and other risky behaviors.
  • Attending an educational course and learning what can be done to avoid your vulnerability to crimes like sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking.
  • Reporting any criminal behavior to the campus police so that person(s) responsible can be identified and, if necessary, removed from campus.
  • Calling 815-753-TIPS (8477) to provide information that may help the police solve crimes; callers will remain anonymous.  Tips that result in an arrest or university judicial action are eligible for a cash reward of up to $250.
  • Learning the location of campus call boxes.  When walking at night, students should walk in well-lit areas with companions or take advantage of the Late Night Ride Service or Huskie Student Patrol escorts.

Important Numbers To Keep Handy

  • 911 (emergencies)
  • Interpersonal Violence Response Team: 815-753-6102
  • NIU Police: 815-753-1212 (non-emergencies)
  • Tip Line: 815-753-8477
  • Walk Safe (Huskie Patrol): 815-753-9658

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