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Visit STEM at NIU

Davis Hall Observatory

The Davis Hall Observatory has provided opportunities for the public and students alike to view the moon, stars, and planets for more than 40 years. Check the Davis Hall Observatory web site,, for public viewing hours, or contact us to arrange a field trip.

Laboratory Visits

Field trips to STEM laboratories and other facilities offer an extension of classroom work and highly motivating experiences with NIU experts.  To arrange visits to engineering, biology, chemistry, physics or other STEM labs, please contact David Grady at (815) 753-0745 or by e-mail at 

STEM Day Trip

 Arrange a day at NIU visiting laboratories and incorporate a demonstration or an interactive lab experience for your students. Plan the entire day around our STEM facilities or make it an interdisciplinary visit by including a museum or the Milan Township One Room School. Fees are based on the number of demonstration programs or interactive lab experiences scheduled and are similar to those charged for school visits. The lab tours and other arrangements are included. You may bring your own lunch or we can make arrangements for lunch on campus.

The Animated Virual Planetarium

Developed by Paul Stoddard and hosted by the Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences, The Animated Virtual Planetarium includes Ptolemy’s model explaining planetary motion as well as the accepted model of a Sun centered solar system. The Animated Virtual Planetarium is featured in the National Science Digital Library,