Textbook Requisition Form

Please complete the form below to indicate the textbook you will be using in your course for the upcoming semester. Submit this request by the deadline below in order to comply with the regulations imposed by the Higher Education Opportunity Act. Submit one form for each course you have been assigned to coordinate/teach.

Please do not complete this form for STAT 208, STAT 301 and STAT 350 textbooks. Any change in course materials for these three courses is done by the Graduate and Undergraduate Studies Committee of the division. You are welcome to submit your suggestions to the Director of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies. 

Please submit this form by the deadline:

October 15 at 4:00 pm

Click "previous textbooks" below to see a list of the books used the last time each course was taught. Please confirm that the book will be the same as used previously or indicate below the information required to order the new book or new edition.

Please answer each applicable question below.

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  1. Does this request pertain to Spring, Summer, or Fall? (Select the appropriate box.)
  2. Will you be using the textbook on record? Yes No N/A
    1. If "yes", please go to question 6.
    2. If "no", please indicate below which new book you will be ordering (book on record is NOT to be ordered):

      Are students required to purchase the book? Yes No
      Go to question 7 after completing the above information.
    3. If "N/A", please indicate why in the comment section at the bottom of the page.
  3. Is a newer edition of the last book on record is available? Yes No
    1. If so, would you like to use the newest edition? Yes No
    2. Are students required to purchase the book? Yes No
  4. Is there a student solutions manual available for the students? Yes No (If "no", continue to #8.)
    1. If there is a student solutions manual, should the bookstore order it? Yes No
    2. If "yes", should it be listed as required? Yes No
  5. Will you need a desk copy? Yes No
  6. Will you need an instructor's solutions manual? Yes No

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