Office Hour Request Form

NIU Division of Statistics Faculty & Staff

Your Fall 2015 assignments have been published on your faculty page on the Division’s web site (click on your name at the following link to see your page).

CAREFULLY compare ALL information that has been published on our web site against the information in MyNIU (in your Faculty Center), and please notify the staff in DuSable 366 immediately if you find any errors.

Please provide the information requested below (you may skip any field that has not changed from the Spring 2013 directory - but don't forget to include your name).

Deadline for submission is Friday August 30, 2015 before noon.

NOTE: Be careful to use the TAB key and not the ENTER key to move from field to field. Using the ENTER key before you are finished will submit an incomplete form and you will then have to start all over!


Is the information listed in MyNIU correct (i.e., yes or no)?

If no, please, explain below:

Office Room #:

Office Phone #: Email:

Home Street Address: Apt:

City: State: Zip:

Home Phone: Can this be given to students?



Office Hours:

Please list in chronological order in the format below -  replace the sample text with your own office hours and then tab to the next field.

Office Hours:

Is there any additional information of which you feel the office should be aware?