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     The Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology was founded in 1904. Its purpose is to promote philosophy and psychology in the southern section of the United States by facilitating the exchange of ideas among those engaged in these fields of inquiry, by encouraging investigation, by fostering the educational function of philosophy and psychology, and by improving the academic status of the subjects.

     The Annual Meeting of the Southern Society is held from Thursday through Saturday of Easter weekend. The program for the most recent past meeting or the upcoming meeting may be viewed here. Each meeting includes papers in both disciplines, special invited papers, joint-discipline sessions, a Presidential address, and a President's invited address. Two sessions are devoted to the history of the disciplines: The Key Barkley History of Psychology Symposium and the Balz-Harris History of Philosophy in the South Symposium. The Society presents the Griffith Award for the best paper in each discipline by an author who has held the Ph.D. less than five years or who has not yet received the Ph.D. To encourage participation by graduate students, the Society also sponsors Travel Grant Awards funded by voluntary donations from members.

     Submissions for the next meeting must be authored by members or applicants for membership. Membership application and paper submission may be simultaneous. Papers should be sent to the appropriate Program Chair, accompanied by a paper-submission form.

     SSPP News is reported in the Newsletter, issued thrice yearly. The Newsletters chronicle salient features of the last meeting and provide all necessary information for the forthcoming meeting.

     Elections are held at each annual business meeting. SSPP members choose a President-elect and two members of council each year. They elect a Secretary and Treasurer triennially. The Society encourages members to nominate interested and qualified individuals to stand for election to these positions by sending a nomination form to the current Past President.

     Announcements and Requests relating to any aspect of philosophy, psychology, or the Society, are published on the “Announcements and Requests” page. Send items you wish to post on this page to the Webmaster. Anyone responding to a notice should communicate directly with the person who posted it.

     Inquiries and Suggestions about SSPP and its activities should be sent to the Secretary, Professor Lori Schmied. Suggestions for improving the SSPP web site should be sent to the Webmaster, Professor James Dye.

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