The Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology

Griffith Awards

Two cash awards of $200 each plus engraved paperweights will be made in 2010 for the papers of greatest excellence, one in philosophy and one in psychology, presented at the annual conference. The winners are announced and the cash awards are presented at the business meeting that concludes the conference.

The rules for this competition state that applicants must either have received their Ph.D. no more than five years prior to the date of the annual meeting at which the paper is presented or must be current candidates for the Ph.D. All Griffith Award applicants must be either SSPP members or applicants for membership in SSPP. Only first or sole authors are eligible. If you or one of your students qualifies under the stated rules, the Council encourages submission of a paper.

Submitting Papers for the Award

For the award in philosophy, applicants should submit four additional copies of their paper to the Program Chair,
Dr. Daniel Weiskopf
SSPP Program Chair for Philosophy
Department of Philosophy
P. O. Box 4089
Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA 30302-4089
concurrent with their submission for the program. This year the Griffith Award Chair in Philosophy is Dr. Ken Aizawa of Centenary College of Louisiana.

For the award in psychology, applicants should submit three extra copies of their paper either on paper or as PDF files directly to the Program Chair in Psychology:

Dr. Lauren Taglialatela
SSPP Program Chair for Psychology
Department of Psychology
Kennesaw State University
Kennesaw, GA 37804
Submissions must be received by March 1, 2010. This year the Griffith Award Chair in Psychology is Dr. Hajime Otani of Central Michigan University.

Past Griffith and Junior Award Recipients

Prior to 1970, the Society presented Junior Awards. In 1970, the award was referred to as the Richard M. Griffith Memorial Junior Award, because the Richard M. Griffith Foundation provided funds for the award. Since 1971, the award has been called the Richard M. Griffith Memorial Award.
Philosophy: Don Ihde, Southern Illinois University
Psychology: Norman R. Remley, University of Florida
Philosophy: George B. Thomas, University of Virginia
Psychology: Henry B. van Twyver, University of Florida
Philosophy: Robert L. Arrington, Georgia State University
 Thomas K. Hearn, Jr., College of William and Mary
Psychology:Phillip R. Costanzo, University of Florida
Philosophy: James F. Harris, University of Georgia
 John Beversluis, Emory University
Psychology: Virgil V. McKenna, College of William and Mary
 Ben B. Morgan, Jr., University of Louisville
Philosophy: Richard D. Parry, Agnes Scott College
Psychology: Malcolm W. Huckabee, University of Southern Mississippi
Philosophy: Edward S. Shirley, Louisiana State University
Psychology: George W. Menzer, University of Louisville
Philosophy: Allen Gibbons, East Carolina University
Psychology: L. James Shapiro, University of Manitoba
Philosophy: Alan E. Fuchs, College of William and Mary
Psychology: G. Rufus Sessions, Walter Reed Army Institute Research
Philosophy: Roger J. Sullivan, University of South Carolina
Psychology: Mary Ellen O'C. Chernovetz, University of Tulsa
Philosophy:Paul Tibbets, University of Dayton
Psychology: Frank Holly, U.S. Army Aeromedical Research
Philosophy: George Graham, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Psychology: Louis M. Proenza, University of Georgia
Philosophy: Gerald W. Casenave, Vanderbilt University
Psychology: Mary G. Boyd, College of Charleston
Philosophy: Jeffrey Tlumak, Vanderbilt University
Psychology: Gerald P. Kreuger, Fort Rucker and Johns Hopkins University
Philosophy: H. Scott Hestevold, University of Alabama
Psychology: Richard A. Burns, Georgia Southwestern College
Philosophy: Mark C. Overvold, Virginia Commonwealth University
Psychology: Sarah McLeod Miller, University of Virginia
Philosophy:Peter J. Markie, University of Missouri-Columbia
Psychology: Sara Stokes Benzel, Georgia State University
Philosophy: Alfred L. Mele, Davidson College
Psychology: Michale N. O'Malley, University of Colorado
Philosophy: Judith Andre, Old Dominion University
Psychology: Lynn Percival, Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory
Philosophy: David N. James, Longwood College
Psychology: Douglas E. Landon, U. S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory
Philosophy: Dorothy Coleman, Bowdoin College
Psychology: Michael D. Chafetz, Tulane University
Philosophy: Michael P. Smith, Davidson College
Philosophy: Richard McCarty, East Carolina University
Psychology: Carol S. Holding, University of Louisville
Philosophy: James Robert Peters, University of the South
Psychology: Mark W. Scerbo, AT&T Systems
Philosophy: Lila Luce, University of Alabama-Birmingham
Philosophy:Piers Rawling, University of Georgia
Psychology: Mary Lynne Dittmar, University of Alabama-Huntsville
Philosophy: Kirk Ludwig, University of Florida
Psychology: Kelly Gurley Lambert, Randolph-Macon College
Philosophy: Robert Wilson, Cornell University
Psychology: Wendy A. Rogers, Memphis State University
Philosophy: Victoria McGeer, Vanderbilt University
Psychology: David A. Washburn, Georgia State University
Philosophy:Paul Davies, University of North Carolina
Psychology: Nick Haslam, New School for Social Research
Philosophy: Steven Hales, University of Bloomsburg
Psychology: Alfred Witkofsky, College of Charleston
Philosophy: Claire Elise Katz, University of Memphis
Psychology: Cecilia M. Acocella, Washington College
Philosophy: Seth Holtzman, Murray State University
Psychology: Leslee K. Pollina, Southeast Missouri State University
Philosophy: Michael P. Lynch, University of Mississippi
Psychology: Harold H. Greene, Center of Excellence for Research on Training
Philosophy: Jonathan A. Waskan, Washington University
Psychology: Michael J. Beran, Georgia State University
Philosophy: Jennifer McKitrick, University of Alabama, Birmingham
Psychology: Thomas J. Capo, Auburn University
Philosophy: David Shoemaker, California State University, Northridge
Psychology: John Paul Minda, Beckman Institute, University of Illinois
2002 (click for pics)
Philosophy: Thomas Polger, University of Cincinnati
Psychology: Samuel Fernandez Carriba, Geogia State University
Philosophy: Chase Wrenn, University of Alabama
Psychology: Claudio Cantaloupo, Geogia State University
Philosophy: Allen Coates, Vanderbilt University
Philosophy: John Collins, East Carolina University
Psychology: Dawn Morales, University of Pennsylvania
Philosophy: Andrea Scarantino, Georgia State University
Psychology: L. A. Taglialatela, Emory University
Philosophy: Max Deutsch, East Carolina University
Philosophy: Steven Todd, University of Connecticut
Philosophy: Justin Tiehen, University of Puget Sound
Psychology: Joshua Redford, University of Buffalo SSPP Home Page