Legislative Info

Illinois Legistative Information

SPS Council encourages all faculty and staff to be engaged and informed on local, state, and federal legislation that could directly or indirectly impact them as individuals and state university employees.

Contact Illinois Legislators

If you do not know who your legislators are, you can easily find their name and contact information at the Illinois Board of Elections web site.  If you enter your street address and zip code you can obtain a list of your legislators and their contact information.   

NIU District Illinois General Assembly Contact Information (PDF)

Whether you contact legislators in person, by phone, or letter it is important to maintain communication on a regular basis in order to establish good relations with public officials.

Do's & Do Not's

  • Do use personal computer & e-mail on personal time
  • Do not use form letters (less effective)
  • Do meet in person when you have the opportunity (most effective)

Tips & Examples

The White House Office of Public Engagement   

In September, the White House unveiled an exciting new way to directly engage with the Administration called We the People. This dynamic tool will offer a new way to submit an online petition on a range of issues -- and get an official response. Sign up for an email alert and be the first to know when the program launches.  

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