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Tour: Campus Sculpture Tour

Tour will start at the 2.14 Memorial east of Cole Hall, meander through the central and east part of campus, and end at the MLK commons. This tour involves lots of walking and standing. Please wear comfy walking shoes and protect yourself from sun and / or rain. Terrain may be rough (both grassland and concrete). Your tour guide, Ms. Jo Burke, Director of the NIU Art Museum, will lead you on a discovery tour of approximately a half-dozen outdoor sculptures. Learn more about your campus while finding out about artworks you may have been walking past for years. We will discuss how to look at and appreciate sculpture as an art form as well as learn a bit about the artists and why these pieces are here.

View Photo Gallery from event on 7/29 >

Google It! FSYE and OSEEL team up in open office arrangement

Stop in to check out what all the hub bub has been about. The Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning along with the office for First and Second Year Experience teamed up using the Google office model to increase collaboration, brainstorming, and general thinking outside the traditional models. Stop by during lunch to take a quick tour. Who knows, some of the lovely members of the SPS Events Committee might even bake some treats for visitors.

Tuesday, August 12th, Noon – 1pm

No registration required.