University Committees & Commissions

University Council

The SPS Council has two voting represetatives on the University Council (UC), as well as two alternates who serve in their absence. The SPS Council president serves as the first UC voting representative. The second voting UC representative and alternates are elected by the SPS Council from within its member body.

The 2012 - 2013 University Council Represetatives and alternates are:

  • First University Council Representative 
    Todd Latham, (Alternate - Donna Smith) 
  • Second University Council Representative 
    Scott Peska, (Alternarte - Deborah Haliczer)

SPSC Appointments to Committees of the University

Supportive Professional Staff representives to these committees are appointed by the SPS Council, but need not be SPS Council representatives to serve.

  • Affirmative Action & Diversity Resources Committee - (1 year term)
    Mike Stang 
  • Academic Policies and Procedure Manual Advisory Committee 
    Kathy Smith (3 year term)
  • Athletic Board - (3 year term)
    Todd Latham 
  • Committee on Multicultural Curriculum Transformation
    Donna Smith (3 year term) 
  • Community Standards & Student Conduct Advisory Board
    Kristie Bongiovanni (3 year term)
  • Campus Parking Committee 
    Gail Jacky, Randi Napientek, Jarvis Purnell, Amy Flewelling 
  • Campus Security and Environmental Quality Committee
    Brian Glick, Melissa Burlingame
  • Computing Facilities Advisory Committee
    Jan Gerenstein (3 year term)
  • Faculty Development and Instructional Design Advisory Committee
  • David Stone (3 year term)
  • Libraries Advisory Committee
    Pat Anderson (3 year term)
  • Parking Appeals Committee
    Kate Little, Randi Napientek, Phil Young
  • Student Conduct Board
    Neil Dickey (3 year term)
    Anne Petty-Johnson (1 year term)
  • Unity in Diversity Steering Committee
    Debra Miller (2 year term)
  • University Benefits Committee
    Terry Borg, Cliff Bottigliero (3 year term)

Supportive Professional Staff Serving on Presidential Commissions

Representives to the Presidential Commissions are selected by the University President from nominations forwarded by the SPS Council. Appointees need not be SPS Council representatives to serve.

  • Presidential Commission on Persons with Disabilities - (3-year terms)
    Ben Bingle, Daniel Cabrera, Stephanie DeCicco, Sheila Milan, Debra Miller, Scott Peska, Lisa Stocksdale, Katy Whitelaw
  • Presidential Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity - (3-year terms)
    Andrea Drott, Julia Lamb, Debra Miller, Brian Pillsbury, Mandy Wescott 
  • Presidential Commission on the Status of Minorities - (3 year terms)
    Felicia Bohanon, Roselyn Curry-Snell, Edward Heard, William McCoy, Melody Mitchell, Promod Vohra
  • Presidential Commission on the Status of Women - (3-year terms)
    Jelmir Atkins, Deborah Haliczer, Anne Hardy, Rebekah Kohli, Susan Oppenborn, Judy Santacaterina, Donna Schoenfeld