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Springboard for NIU Students

Businesses need interns who can:

  • Understand a problem from the company’s perspective
  • Develop a strategy to solve the problem
  • Carry out assigned tasks to gather data
  • Analyze data to determine what is important
  • Present findings in a professional manner

We need students with various talents and backgrounds including:

  • Social media
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Visual communications
  • Retail
  • Law
  • International
  • Writing
  • Videos

What Springboard interns are saying:

“I was attracted to Springboard because I’ve always wanted to start a business and wanted a hands-on approach towards market research and expanding a business”.

-Aaron Pryor, Business Major

“I like the idea of consulting work because we assess the needs of every client and make recommendations. I hope to use this experience in future opportunities for consulting or starting a company.”

-Tom Wolfe, Engineering Major

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If you have questions regarding NIU's Springboard, please contact:

Luanne Mayorga

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