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About Springboard


Springboard is a vehicle for the business community in NIU’s region to quickly connect with the resources, agencies, institutions and services that can enhance the economic health of your enterprise.  We envision Springboard as the center of a growing network of resources—many offered by the University, but many more available from our partnering institutions and governmental agencies.  

Springboard links your business to:

  • Service and information providers. These include Small Business Development Centers, International Trade Centers and Federal agencies that work regularly with our regional businesses.
  • Institutional partners.  NIU’s region is rich with agencies and institutions with whom we partner.  For example, we work closely with more than 21 community colleges all within our region. We connect to school districts and city governments, federal agencies and international think tanks.  We want to help these partners publicize their services so you can find the best resources for your needs.
  • Knowledge.  NIU has nationally known faculty, highly-rated programs of study and staff who monitor and shape merging trends that impact the economic life of our region.  They can provide answers to your questions or assemble research projects based on your concerns. They can help you and your employees keep up with or ahead of trends in your industry.
  • Talent.  We have our students who are eager to use their skills, confirm their career directions and work with prospective employers. As you are seeking talent, they are seeking internships, projects and research opportunities.  Springboard is a means of connecting with this vibrant talent pool.
  • Institutional resources.  NIU has laboratories and libraries, facilities and IT services—many of which can be tapped as resources to propel your enterprise forward.
  • Opportunities.  We offer events and seminars, webinars and training sessions, credit classes for you and your employees—all focused on providing your enterprise with the information and skills you need to propel it forward.

Springboard is a rich resource but it can be richer with your support.  Follow our blog to stay up-to-date with the latest information we have to offer.  Respond to our calls for input on what you need to increase your success.  Visit our website to catch up on the news we post and the events we schedule. 

We will continue to do our part to connect you to useful resources.

If you have questions regarding NIU's Springboard, please contact:

Luanne Mayorga