A Supersymmetry Primer

This is the home page for "A Supersymmetry Primer", hep-ph/9709356, by Stephen P. Martin.

The latest version, v6 (September 2011) is available at http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-ph/9709356. It is 152 pages long in 11pt type.

If you prefer a 12pt type version, better for 2-per-page printing and for weaker eyes, but weighing in at 167 pages, you can download it here as pdf or postscript. It is identical to the default arXiv version except for the font size and pagination.

The source files, including the .eps figures, are available here. Most of the figures are done directly in LaTeX with axodraw.sty, so if you don't see the .eps file for a particular figure, you can find the axodraw code within the LaTeX file.

Corrections for version 6 are available as pdf. (Last updated April 29, 2014.)

Corrections for version 5 are available as pdf. (Last updated June 23, 2013.)

Corrections for version 4 are available as pdf . (Last updated June 23, 2013.)

Further corrections, as well as comments and suggestions, are always welcome. Please send them to me at spmartin@niu.edu.

Version 6 contains a new chapter on superspace and superfields, and many other updates and improvements. Version 5 (December 2008) mainly introduced a significant change of convention, flipping the sign of the sigma and sigmabar matrices in order to agree with the conventions of, for example, Mark Srednicki's quantum field theory book and the paper "Two-component spinor techniques and Feynman rules for quantum field theory and supersymmetry" arXiv:0812.1594 [hep-ph] by Herbi Dreiner, Howie Haber, and me. It also contains some minor updates on supersymmetry breaking models, notably brief mentions of metastable supersymmetry breaking and the R-symmetric MSSM. Version 4 (June 2006) introduced numerous additions, updates and improvements throughout.

Versions 3 and earlier are now hopelessly obsolete! (But corrections for them are still available here.)

This work is supported in part by National Science Foundation Grants PHY-9970691, PHY-0140129, PHY-0456635, PHY-0757325, PHY-1068369, and PHY-1417028.