Student Experiences and Destinations

Katie Piotrowska Madrid, Spain 

Name:  Katie Piotrowska
Location: Madrid, Spain

"Living in Madrid enhanced my interest in urbanism and urban planning.  I became infatuated with the city and its use of public space and urban parks.  I loved exploring different neighborhoods of the city, each with their own distinct characteristics.  After I came back from the trip I decided that I wanted to study urban planning at the graduate level."

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Shay Galto, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam

Name:  Shay Galto
Location: Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam 

"I would highly recommend an international experience to sociology students, as it gives students a different perspective on cultures.  This, in return, will help students understand any sociological phenomenon domestically or internationally.  Studying abroad is truly a rewarding experience that would enhance any students' education, but specifically sociology students since we are studying people!"

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Allison Peuler, Valle de Granada, Nicaragua

Name:  Allison Peuler
Location: Valle de Granada, Nicaragua

"I love traveling and I wanted to continue doing that. I think it’s really important just to get out and see the world even if you’re doing an internship close to your own area or in a different country, its definitely important to try to see what opportunities are out there.

I was better able to understand the issue of poverty and how widespread it is in the world through my classes. I wouldn’t have been able to go there and be prepared for it without the sociological background that I have about all of these social issues and inequalities that are spread across the world. The soc class Organizing for Social Action, about non-profit organizations and social justice movements helped me a lot.

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Kathryn Panger Sierra Leone

Name:  Kathryn Panger
Location: Sierra Leone, Africa

"It sparked my interest in global power, wich is a huge part of my interest in sociology.  The people in the country knew each other's prayers, they went to each other's churches and mosques.  I wasn't there long but I didn't see any kind of tensions or undercurrents of tension between the groups, which was a surprise.  I always just assumed that different religious ideologies were more or less naturally at odds, so to see Christianity and Islam being there together, I didn't expect that.

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Suzanne Banowsky, Sierra Leone, Africa

Name:  Suzanne Banowsky
Sierra Leone, Africa

"I think everybody should do it.  I think you should have to go somewhere where you can really learn something, especially if you're in sociology and going as a student.  And I loved it, I mean I loved this country I fell in love with the people, I want to go back.  I came back here a very grateful and changed person and I think that's what a class like that should do for you, I think it should change you...I have learned so much about myself, my interests and what we take for granted in this country.  We take simple things like peace for granted.  It motivated me to start educating other people about these issues.

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Name:  Alexander "Guide" Sobecki
Location: Sierra Leone, Africa

"Looking back much later, I've since studied Sociology knowing what it's truly capable of and how I can use it to improve the world.  I'm not learning theories because they're on my next exam, I'm honing a skill set that can do the amazing things I'd seen while in Sierra Leone.  Once you've seen sociology in action, you begin thinking and analyzing how people interact on a higher level.  Theory and history are the fundamentals, but sociologists belong among the people learning how to help them."

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Mike Defiglia, Moldova, Turkey, Morocco

Name: Mike Defiglia
Location: Moldova, Turkey, Morocco

"The relationships I formed in the Peace Corps were deep and long lasting.  Being completely displaced from everything and everyone you have ever known creates an instant bond with the other volunteers that you are in training with.  Also Peace Corps draws together like-minded and open-minded people...Most importantly, Peace Corps draws together kind hearted people who are interested in helping others.  My Peace Corps experience brought to light many of the concepts I learned in the Sociology classroom.  Living in a post-Communist society I was able to more fully understand many of the class conflict theories.

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