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Charles L. Cappell
Associate Professor

Ph.D. University of Chicago

Scholarly Interests: My interests include the following: 1) the Chicago Collar County project investigates the quality of life in the suburbs. 2) My project on the sociology of violence generates statistical & epidemiological models of explaining the distribution of violence in society. 3) My long term interests in law & society have led to my studies of the legal profession, Supreme Court, and the National Labor Relations Board. 4) Interest in the sociology of higher education has spurred projects on the organization of academic disciplines & modeling the variability in student performance. 5) I develop pedagogical software intended to teach quantitative reasoning and analysis skills.

Recent Courses Taught: Sociological Inquiry - Introduction to Quantitative Analysis, Survey Research, Quantitative Analysis,Sociological Statistics & Methodology, and Law & Society.

E-mail: ccappell@niu.edu
Phone: 815-753-1173
Office: SSRI-188

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