March 18 - 21 • Hyatt Regency Albuquerque • Albuquerque, NM

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2013 Dixie State University Chapter Display
Dixie State University, 2013 Convention Display (above and below)

2013 Dixie State University Chapter Display

Student Events

2014-2015 Student Leaders
2014-2015 Student Leaders

Wednesday, March 18

Open Mic - 9:30 p.m.
(Pavilion IV-V)

Attendees are invited to share their short original creations at Open Mic Night. Bring your best poetry, flash fiction, and other short pieces to perform for the friendliest audience you will ever find. This event is sponsored by the Student Leadership Committee and is open to all attendees.

Thursday, March 19

Student Leadership Workshops - 8:30 a.m.
(Pavilion IV-V-VI)

Open to all student members, including SKD students, these workshops provide a chance to interact with the current Student Leaders of Sigma Tau Delta. Attendees will be able to choose to attend 45-minute sessions on two of the following four topics:

Led by Student Representatives (SRs), Associate Student Representatives (ASRs), and Student Advisors (SAs), this is a great opportunity for students to give advice, communicate with other chapters, learn about resources available to members, and discover how in the future they can contribute to the Society. The goal of these workshops is to offer the tools and tips chapters can use to become a bigger and better part of their campus. Due to time constraints, students from the same chapter are encouraged to split up in order to attend as many workshops as possible.

Regional Networking - 5:40 p.m.
(Pavilion IV-V-VI)

Attend the Regional Networking meeting to meet with your Regent and your Student Representative. Learn what is going on in your region, meet the candidates for regional office (or decide to run yourself), network with other chapters, and have a chance to give your input. This event is sponsored by the Student Leadership Committee and is open to all attendees.

Student Leadership Position Duties and Applications

Bad Poetry Contest and "Dry T-shirt" Merchandise Skits - 9:00 p.m.
(Pavilion IV-V)

Get ready for some side-splitting fun as chapters with merchandise to sell present funny, English-related skits. Props and costumes are encouraged. All chapters are invited to create a skit. There will be awesome prizes for the best skit AND the best merchandise.

Afterward, convention attendees bring you the best and worst in bad poetry. Whether it’s a sincerely bad poem written in middle school, or a comedy poem lampooning annoying poetic trends, members present the worst original poetry they have ever written in this fiercely funny competition. Members take this competition very seriously, and there are more and better prizes this year than ever before, so come prepared to laugh until you cry.

This event is sponsored by the Student Leadership Committee and is open to all attendees.

More Skits From the 2012 Convention

Friday, March 20

General Business Meeting and Regional Caucuses - 11:00 a.m.
(Pavilion IV-V-VI)

Don't miss this opportunity to participate on the regional and Society levels of Sigma Tau Delta. The General Business Meeting and Regional Elections are where our chapters elect Sigma Tau Delta's next generation of leaders and discuss the present and future of the Society. To encourage your chapter to participate, every chapter with an official voting student delegate present at Friday's General Business Meeting and Regional Election is eligible to receive a $200 reimbursement ($400 for non-continental U.S. and international chapters).

This event is open to all attendees but only student members of Sigma Tau Delta may serve as voting delegates.