Sexual Violence Resources


Reporting Resources and Services for Victims/Survivors and Others Impacted by Interpersonal Violence or Sexual Harassment* While at NIU**

Comprehensive coordination of victim/survivor services:

For students:

Medical treatment:

For all victims/survivors:

For students:

Counseling and emotional support:

For students:

For employees:

DeKalb community resource for all victims/survivors:

  • Safe Passage (DeKalb County Domestic Violence & Rape Crisis Center) 815-756-5228

Reporting the incident to the police:

Reporting the incident to the University:

For students:

  • NIU's Victim Advocacy Services *** located in Health Enhancement & Victim Advocacy Services (Chick Evans Field House, 154) at 815-753-9748
  • Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management at 208 Altgeld Hall or 815-753-1573
  • Title IX Coordinator, Karen Baker, 1515 W. Lincoln Highway, DeKalb, IL 815-753-6017

For employees:

Filing a sexual harassment complaint:

Reporting the incident to the student conduct process:

For confidential information and assistance:


  • The right to have a person of your choice, such as a counselor or victim's advocate, present throughout conduct proceedings and/or non-academic student conduct proceedings for emotional support
  • The right to know all options available and steps involved in the University's non-academic student conduct processes
  • The right to know the results of conduct proceedings
  • The right to information on available sexual assault counseling

*     Sexual harassment and/or interpersonal violence includes sexual assault, prohibited sexual contact, stalking,
       dating, and domestic violence.
**    Inclusive of all NIU sponsored events, both on and off campus, and all facilities owned by the University,
       including off campus and satellite campus locations.
***   Provides confidential services. All other offices are where confidentiality will be honored as reasonably possible
       under the law.