Lincoln Academy Student Laureate Award

Annually, an outstanding senior from each of the four-year degree-granting institutions of higher learning in Illinois is chosen to receive the prestigious Lincoln Academy Student Laureate Award.


Lincoln Student Laureates are honored for their overall excellence in both curricular and co-curricular activities. The NIU Student Laureate should have an NIU grade point average of 3.5 or higher and should have demonstrated leadership in extra-curricular activities.


To be considered, a student must be an undergraduate senior graduating from NIU during the 2014-2015 school year (August 2014, December 2014, or May 2015).

The person selected will represent the university and attend one of the most distinguished gatherings in the state, a special ceremony to be held November 1, 2014 in the House of Representatives of the Illinois State Capitol. Governor Pat Quinn (or a designee) will present each Student Laureate with a Lincoln Academy Medallion and a modest financial award. The ceremony will be followed by a luncheon. The recipient's nominator will be asked to represent the university at this event.



The deadline to submit nominations and recommendations for the 2014-2015 Lincoln Academy Student Laureate is noon on Monday, September 15, 2014.

A total of two forms are required for each student - one nomination form and one supporting recommendation form.  No more than two recommendation forms will be considered.  Faculty and staff must log in to the forms using their Novell ID and password.



One nomination form per student should be submitted using this link:

 Lincoln Laureate Nomination Form


At least one, but no more than two, supporting recommendation forms for each student should be submitted using this link:

 Lincoln Laureate Recommendation Form




Scholarship Office

Swen Parson Hall 245K

Northern Illinois University

(815) 753-4829



Past Lincoln Laureate Award Winners


2013 - Sarah Stuebing 

2012 - Wayne Duerkes

2011 - Nora Lindvall

2010 - Kate Green

2009 - Shay Galto

2008 - Angela Rosc

2007 - Ben Gross

2006 - Samie Chaudhry

2005 - Michelle Garrison

2004 - Ben Ogle

2003 - Roberto Bento

2002 - Shannon Finlayson

2001 - Cynthia Dragisic

2000 - Jennifer A. Quincey

1999 - Catherine May

1998 - Carolyn Presley

1997 - Wendy Sue Parker

1996 - Antonio Ramon

1995 - Amy Kozlowski

1994 - Jacob Heidenreich

1993 - Hilary Lee

1992 - James Huguelet

1991 - Robert McCormack

1990 - Kavi Raj Gupta

1989 - James Ruzicka, Jr.

1988 - Sheryl Willis

1987 - Anita Marie Glickenberger

1986 - Eric Voss

1985 - Linda Durack

1984 - Carla Herbig-Riggle

1983 - Mark Bularzik

1982 - Tracy Merriwether

1981 - Robert Silverman

1980 - Jane Patterson

1979 - Marlee Rabinovitz

1978 - William Jones

1977 - James Jasinski

1976 - David Grimm

1975 - Gale Vollmar