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About Us

The idea of Scholarly Communication has circulated on campus since at least 2005. However, it was not until the spring of 2008 that concrete steps were taken to develop a plan to address Scholarly Communication campus wide.  At the behest of Provost Alden, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, Rathindra Bose, along with Byron Anderson, Acting Associate Dean for Public Services for the University Libraries, assembled a working group of faculty and staff to explore Scholarly Communication issues and develop recommendations tailored to NIU interests and resources. Although Rathindra Bose has moved on to other pursuits, the work of the committee continues. The committee is developing long and short-term proposals, and welcomes input and advice from all interested parties.

The Scholarly Communication Initiative Committee is composed of the following members:


  • Bradley G. Bond, Graduate School, Acting Dean & Chair of the Committee
  • Byron Anderson, University Libraries, Acting Associate Dean of Public Services
  • John Austin, Law Library, Director
  • Josef Bujarski, Biological Sciences
  • Rebecca Butler, Educational Technology, Research & Assessment
  • James Corwin, Psychology, Graduate Director
  • Patrick Dawson, University Libraries, Dean, ex-officio
  • Stephen Duke, Music
  • Dennis Jones, Engineering Technology
  • Jim Millhorn, University Libraries, Serials & Acquisitions
  • Nestor Osorio, University Libraries, Engineering, Math & Physics Subject Specialist
  • Alex Schwartz, NIU Press Director
  • Christine Worobec, History, Graduate Director