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Scholarly Communication at NIU

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Scholarly Communication at NIU

Northern Illinois University must recognize the transformation occurring in scholarly communication, that is, the process by which research and artistry is disseminated to the academic community. The university should align itself with the scholarly communication movement and begin to show case its research on a much larger stage.

Faculty must lead the way and reshape the process of how their research is being disseminated and shared. Scholarly communication efforts must also respond to the stubborn fact that current methods of scholarly publishing are increasingly restrictive and economically unsustainable. We see on many campuses and in the wider research community viable alternatives to existing publishing practices. New digital and networking technologies are creating avenues whereby research can be disseminated to more readers, more quickly at greatly reduced costs.

Pursuant this end, many academic institutions are encouraging faculty to retain copyright of their research and establishing institutional repositories to host locally produced materials. In addition, a number of scholars are experimenting with open-access publishing, and other alternative models that promise enhanced access to research.