Huskie Bus System

Route 5 ChnagesHi all,

Due to popular demand, Route 5 of the Huskie Line bus system will revert to the previous route. The change is planned to take effect beginning Tuesday, August 27th, 2013.

Many students have contacted me about the difficulty going between the Eco Park area and the Barsema Hall area. It is important to serve the students of Northern Illinois University so I have decided to make this change. 

The route will use three buses; a bus should be expected at each stop approximately every 10 minutes. The bus will drive north on Annie Glidden, east on Hillcrest Dr, and south on Normal Rd. I attached the map of the route. Full information including stops will be presented this week.

Please pass this information on to whoever may need it.

Visit for more information. Feel free to contact me. Thank you.

-Joe Frascello

Route 2L and 2R are modified as of Wednesday, August 28th, 2013. The modification will make it easier to travel between Residence Halls and Campus.

Route 2L Route 2R
Route 2L Route 2R

Routes 6, 8R, and 11 are currently affected my construction on First Street.  Please check for more information. 

UPDATE:  There are now 3 buses that will be servicing Route 5.  Also, we are excited to inform you that Huskie Tracks is now up and running.  Be sure to check it out here!!