Manufacturing Production Process Improvement

task two imageROCK staff and NIU faculty are working with Rockford companies on new processing technology developments, such as smart forming, titanium machining, ceramics, adiabatic processing, micro-welding, metal cleaning, etc. This task will use locally available creativity to improve the Army’s ability to readily procure small quantities of spare or new parts.

Vibration Cancellation Platform Project Annual Report
(Will be available December 2006)

Micro-Machine Tool Imaging Project Annual Report
(Will be available December 2006)

Supply Chain Technology Support

The ROCK Program is utilizing low-cost technologies, such as Internet-based collaboration, to support a network of businesses. We are partnering with MARRV on this project. The idea is to produce a virtual collaborative network of complimentary businesses that sell and deliver collective offers. This combination of small businesses has the advantages of speed, responsiveness, innovation, flexibility, and reduced costs.

MARRV Database & User Interface Project Annual Report
(Will be available December 2006)

Situation Analysis Project Annual Report
(Will be available December 2006)

Low Quantity Precision Fabrication

The program will work with local companies to create more micro-precision fabricating machines; develop supporting technologies needed to make micro-fabrication tools commercially viable; utilize advanced broadband communication technologies to enhance the supply chain of the precision products; evaluate and demonstrate the machines and new manufacturing processes for military vehicle component fabrication and other areas of military interest; and transfer technology on an open basis to interested companies.

Titanium Machining

Establish a National Center for Titanium Machining. This initiative will foster advanced research and development on very high strength, very low weight titanium components that are vital to America’s future weapons systems, aerospace products, bio-medical equipment, and other applications. Working with local manufacturers, the National Center will research the effects of “high velocity impact powder metal compaction” on titanium tooling and products.


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