ROCK Program Partners

Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center

Rock Island Arsenal

As the largest government-owned weapons manufacturing arsenal in the western   world, the Rock Island Arsenal (RIA) provides manufacturing, logistics, and base support services for the Armed Forces. The Arsenal is an active U.S. Army factory, which manufactures ordnance and equipment for the Armed Forces. Some of the Arsenal's most successful manufactured products include the M198 and M119 Towed Howitzers, and the M1A1 Gun Mount. Noted for its expertise in the manufacture of weapons and weapon components, every phase of development and production is available from prototype to full-scale production of major items, spare parts, and repair items. Product items range from artillery gun mounts and recoil mechanisms to aircraft weapons sub-systems. Items manufactured at RIA include artillery, gun mounts, recoil mechanisms, small arms, aircraft weapons sub-system, grenade launchers, weapons simulators, and a host of associated components.

Rock Island Arsenal, known world wide as a leader in excellence, provides essential production capability for artillery/gun mounts, equipment integration, spare parts, and other equipment for the Armed Forces, as well as the assembly of tools, sets, kits, and outfits that support equipment in the field. Through new business avenues, the Arsenal can also partner with some non-military entities to assist and advance manufacturing technologies in the private sector.

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