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Manufacturing Partners,

Photo of Promod VohraThe key to our survival in the next decade will be to successfully engage in Innovation.  In an effort to accomplish innovation, a partnership between academia and industry is essential.  I strongly feel that the role of engineering colleges should be to help businesses innovate and be a catalyst in the commercialization and R&D efforts.  I am pleased to offer this new tool, which will enable you to ask relevant questions about innovation, modernization, workforce development, globalization, etc.  Our college will attempt to provide you with the answers that will not only address your concerns and queries, but will also enable fellow manufacturers to learn from your questions. I hope that over time, we will build a forum for information exchange to further the growth of the Rockford manufacturing community.  Thank you for your confidence in our capabilities and your decision to partner with us.

Promod Vohra, Dean
Northern Illinois University
College of Engineering and Engineering Technology

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