ROCK Program Capabilities


  • dSPACE is the world’s leading engineering tool for developing and testing mechatronic control systems
  • Complete tool chain for controller and ECU development
  • Graphical modeling and offline simulation
  • Combines with MATLAB/SIMULINK to save time and costs
  • Prototyping systems allows optimal control design for the real plant without manual programming
  • Immediate identification of design faults allows on-the-spot corrections

Tool Inspection System

  • Infinity3 CameraInfinity3 Camera
  • Mitutoyo and Navitart Lenses (12X zoom)
  • Infinity Capture Software
  • Schott and Stocker & Yale Lighting

This system is currently being used to capture images of end mills used in micro milling machines, as well as for parts inspection. With the images of the end mills, ROCK staff is developing a software tool that will be used by a camera to recognize and distinguish the degree of tool wear and breakage from a used end mill.

Imageing System photoWith this information we will have the ability to predict the usable life of an end mill and thus, increase the accuracy and precision of the manufactured parts.

The long term goal for this technology is to have a vision system with these capabilities actually mounted onto the milling-machines. The mounted cameras will then be utilized for machine health monitoring and tool metrology.

Vibration Analysis and Simulation Equipment

Bruel and Kjaer:

  • Analyzer and PULSE System Software
  • Modal Analysis Hardware and ME Scope Software
  • Modal Shakers

Data Physics:

  • Inertial Shaker

PCB: Sensors

With this equipment ROCK staff is able to record and simulate vibration down to an adjustable precision. We are developing a vibration cancellation platform that will isolate the milling machines from environmental vibration, as well as compensate for the machine vibration that will disturb the accuracy of the milling. A testing stand is currently being built where the components of the platform will be tested.


CAMeLEAN®/PM is an enterprise class role-based program management solution that helps organizations collaborate and communicate across projects, time zones and geographies - with the ability to monitor them from a single point. From a single project to enterprise-wide programs, CAMeLEAN®/PM offers a rich toolset that enables alignment of project execution with corporate objectives. A larger program perspective is delivered that helps identify trends and areas of project execution which need greater focus. Both internet and intranet based support is offered. All relevant program personnel are always kept current with real-time notifications and alerts triggered by imbedded Business Intelligence, which constantly monitors project status changes. Real time notifications and alerts reduce the time and cost associated with critical business decisions.

Camelean Program Management diagram

Proqis SBS

Web Enabled Supply Chain & Collaborative Manufacturing Network Management

NIU/ROCK will combine CAMeLEAN and Proquis SBS, two powerful Off-the-Shelf software tools, to prototype a centralized Supply Chain Management platform for Collaborative Manufacturing Networks. CAMeLEAN provides robust web-compatible project management, contract compliance and activity budget controls. Proquis SBS delivers production specification and quality control/compliance, document control, corrective action and ECN, Q/A and fault traceability. CAMeLEAN and Proquis SBS project management, contracting and production protocols will meet leading manufacturing quality standards:

1) General Manufacturing-ISO9001-2000;
2) Automotive-TS16949, QS9000;
3) Aerospace- AS9100 series, EASA Part 145;
4) Telecom-TL9000;
5) Pharma/Food-ISO22000, ISO9000-2001, ISO9000-2002 (GMP);
6) Medical Documentation & Devices-21 CFR P11, 21 CFR P820, ISO13485 (EU);
7) Environmental-ISO14001

The CAMeLEAN/Proquis Supply Chain and Collaborative Manufacturing Network Management system will be web accessible to MARRV members. The initiative will unify contract management and supply chain fulfillment activities for major OEM and DOD manufacturing programs. CAMeLEAN and Proquis SBS together provide full traceability and audit-hard protocols for:

1) Program/Contract Management;
2) Contract and Production Compliance Management;
3) Technical and Communication Document Control;
4) Vendor Control;
5) Continuous Improvement;
6) Corrective Action and Fault Resolution Protocols.

CAMeLEAN and Proquis SBS will allow MARRV manufacturing networks to manage individual components, parts families, assemblies, multiple vendors and multiple customers, including centralized Q/A tracking for contract specific manufacturing fixtures and tooling.

R-1 Machine from ProMetal

R-1 Machine -

The ProMetal R-1 is a breakthrough machine in metal rapid prototyping equipment. Designed specifically for the needs of research and educational customers, the R1 is an excellent tool for developing powder metal materials and processes, as well as training the next generation of manufacturing engineers and powder metal scientists. Its applications are enabling prototyping of small, complex PM parts without tooling, accelerating PM material research for layered manufacturing, and facilitating the education of employees and students.

  • Located in Rockford at TECHWORKS
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Rapid ManufacturingEample of 3-D Rapis Prototyping
  • Metal Complex Parts
  • 2" x 2" x 2" Maximum Part Size
    • Larger parts, up to 1' x 2' x 2', can be made by sending 57L fiile to ProMetal
    • Also Sand Molds for Casting

3 Axis High Speed Micro-Machine

3 Axis High Speed Micro-MachineThis is the first 3 axis high speed micro-machine designed and developed at University of Illinois. NIU has recently acquired ownership to assist the research conducted at NIU, which includes machinability studies and the development of a vibration cancellation platform. The micro-machine system is composed of three parts:

  • Micro-machine with air-driven 160,000 rpm spindle, encoder resolution up to 0.1 micron
  • Delta Tau programmable Controller and Amplifier
  • Man-Machine Interface in a PC

The machine is capable of making small parts from metals, composite materials, plastic and wax utilizing tools under 25mm by 25mm by 25mm cubical working volume with a resolution of 10 micron.