About the REU Program


Participant Responsibilities

Summer scholars are expected to:

  • Make a full-time commitment to the REU Program and to their research project. Employment outside of the REU Program is highly discouraged.
  • Present research project and findings at the closing research symposium.
  • Be a responsible and conscientious visiting scholar. Conduct that infringes upon the rights of others to an orderly living environment or that poses danger to self or others is not acceptable under any circumstances.
  • Adhere to all Northern Illinois University policies and Illinois state laws.
    Failure to meet program expectations, to adhere to Northern Illinois University campus policies, and/or violations of Illinois State Law will result in dismissal from the REU Program and forfeiture of monetary stipend and program benefits. Violations of Illinois State Law are subject to penalties as determined by state or local authorities.
  • Not register for any classes during the REU summer session, as it would conflict with your research experience. However, we encourage you to explore receiving independent study credit for your REU participation at your home institution.