About the REU Program


Benefits to Participating in the REU Program

Participants in Operation ETank will be able to:

  • Develop an independent research agenda with a clearly defined outcome, initiate and complete a focused research project consistent with the overall agenda (incorporating critical thinking and problem solving skills);
  • Integrate interdisciplinary subject material (i.e., ethics, economy, and sustainability) into their research projects through collaborative efforts with other participants and the faculty team;
  • Develop effective written and oral presentation skills through an intensive written and oral reporting structure (leading to the development of a final report and a poster for final presentation);
  • Develop appreciation for the range of accepted practices and ethical values that guide the responsible conduct of scientific research; and
  • Develop an awareness of the value of graduate training, and an appreciation of graduate school potential.
  • Develop an E-Portfolio using Blackboard.  Within their e-Portfolio, students will save artifacts (i.e., background literature, data, analyses, results and interpretation, drafts of their final report, etc.) of their research as well as reflect on what they have learned about sustainability and professional development through various workshops and seminars they participate in during Operation ETank.

Undergraduate students who are part of Operation ETank will develop a deep understanding of the research endeavor and the ability to articulate a clear path towards the completion of an independent research project, as well as the presentation of the research findings.