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Campus Conservation Nationals at NIU

Campus Conservation Nationals is a nationwide resource use reduction competition that challenges college and university campuses to achieve the greatest electricity and water use reductions during a 3-week period.


To learn more about the CCN and what schools are involved please check out their website at Compete to Reduce

  Wattage/Heating Usage

Building  Type  Wattage Per Capita as of 1/13/2012 (tons/month)
Stevenson Towers  Residence Hall 352,000
Grant Towers  Residence Hall  353,000
Douglas Hall  Residence Hall  182,000
Lincoln Hall Residence Hall  175,000
Neptune Hall Residence Hall 126,000
Building  Type  Wattage Per Capita as of 2/13/2012 (tons/month)
Stevenson Towers  Residence Hall 348,000
Grant Towers  Residence Hall  348,000
Douglas Hall  Residence Hall  176,000
Lincoln Hall Residence Hall  170,000
Neptune Hall Residence Hall 131,000