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NIU Campus Recycling Pilot Program

Campus Recycling

Convenience is always the key to any successful recycling program.

Communities are moving to an updated recycling program called "commingle" or single stream recycling.  Single stream recycling does not require the sorting of items as long as all of the items are approved recyclables.  Instead, the sorting is done by the recyclers.  With commingled recycling service, all of your approved recyclables can be tossed into one easy-to-use recycle bin. 

No sorting. No bagging. No bundling, baling or tying.  Tin, aluminum, plastic and all kinds of paper, including newspapers, cardboard and junk mail, can be tossed together in the blue container.  

Are you wondering how it's all sorted?  Check out Waste Management's video on what happens to your recycling. 

NIU will provide adequate recycling bins next to all designated areas in order to ensure that there is always a convenient choice between trash and recycling.  The following buildings indicate the recycling pilot program started in 2011 and currently underway on the NIU Campus.  These buildings have brand new commingle containers.

Adams Hall

NIU Music Building

Lincoln Residence Hall

Grant Towers North Residence Hall

Cole Hall

New Hall was the first residence hall to entirely receive a new commingle recycling bins in each pod. Neptune Hall has also implemented new bins in parts of the building.