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Glutton Recycling Container


Rubbermaid Glutton Recycling Container

The Glutton® Recycling Station by Rubbermaid is an all-in-one recycling/waste receptacle station that encourages compliance with recycling programs. Any combination of four snap-in tops with various item-specific openings can be used to sort different types of recyclable waste. Multilingual word labels and iconic labels provide universal cues to minimize waste-stream contamination.

Recycling compliance is improved with these Glutton Recycling Stations in the workplace. A centralized location gives workers a convenient place to dispose of their recyclables. All-plastic construction eliminates corrosion, withstands impacts and has a low risk of scratching your floors or snagging your carpets.

A successful program is achieved by ensuring that all buildings and outdoor areas on campus are equipped with the proper recycling receptacles.  Old receptacles and containers are replaced with new ones on an as-needed basis