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NIU Campus Recycling - 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at NIU


Proudly introducing single stream or commingled recycling at NIU 

    Commingled recycling means no more sorting!
That's right... all cans, plastic containers, bottles, cardboard, aluminum, and paper products can be placed in a single commingled recycling bin. 

Thanks to our partnership with Waste Management, Northern Illinois University has updated its recycling system to single stream.  This allows students, faculty, and staff to place all of their recycling in one bin without having to sort.  Waste Management transports the recycling to a sorting facility located in Carol Stream to take care of the sorting.  This is one among several improvements that will make recycling easier at NIU. 

Why Commingled?

Research shows that participation in recycling increases when sorting is not required.  This also allows collection truck to collect and transport materials in a single load, reducing collection costs and making recycling pickups more efficient.  Commingled recycling also requires less space than several bins would require for sorting, and more materials can be incorporated in the recycling program.  

Have a question about what can be recycled in our commingled recycling program?  See the general recycling link for more details on accepted and unacceptable materials. 

Looking toward the future...

The Facilities and Environment Working Group is currently developing a plan to enhance the sustainability efforts at Northern Illinois University.  This plan includes campus beautification and campus improvements.  
Campus Recycling is adding to these efforts by enhancing our single-stream recycling system, improving recycling options in the residence halls, and implementing more outdoor recycling bins.  

Quick links to our recycling programs:

General Recycling

Electronics Recycling

Cell Phone Recycling

Battery Recycling

Light Bulb Recycling

Pens/Markers Recycling


Our Goal

The NIU 3R program aims to educate students, faculty, and staff on how to reduce resource use and how to properly utilize the various campus recycling programs.  Bettering campus recycling is only the first step of many that will encourage campus and community sustainability efforts.