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Janel Tran's Testimonial

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School is very important to me. It’s basically all I've known. They would say things like “school was the key to everything”, and “you will make more money than a non-graduate”. It seemed like all I was doing was just pleasing my parents. College seemed so far away but yet so close. I had no idea what college life was like. What I needed to know was too overwhelming it seemed impossible to figure out. NIU Club, which started out as another club to join, ended up being the greatest thing I've taken part in.

The club was designed with many tasks and projects such as raising money for the needy, community services, and planning social events. These projects and events helped me realize that if you do put your time and effort into it then you can surely make an impact in what you're trying to do. I was able to develop my social skills and expand my circle of friends. I never realized how much fun it could be just to be a part of something to make an impact.

The NIU Experience was a five-day camp in which you stay in a dorm, experience the food, participate in various activities, and partake in a few classes. The object of the whole camp was to get a feel of what it was like as a college student on a daily basis dealing with not only the professors but also the social aspect of campus life itself.

The classes that I took invoiced many lectures, taking notes, writing papers, and a lot of computer work. It was very intense since they went by the college rubric. I've learned that there is help out there financially in paying for tuition, and about the many counselors and staff members on campus.

This experience to me was over the top! Now I know what to expect when I go to college. I've learned so much that not even an hour in a classroom could ever teach me. It involved so much more than school; It was life also. I will go to college now with confidence that I can do it, and knowing that it's not so scary. My parents asked me how it was and my words were, "it was an experience "ill never forget!”