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Kelly Streeter's Testimonial

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The REAL NIU Experience made a great impact in my life. It made me really think about my life. I would love to come back next year. This was a good positive influence in my life. It gets me out of the house and had me thinking about my future. Before I came I didn't know if I wanted to go to college or not. This has made up my mind. The classes were fun. They had me thinking this is what I want to do. The activities were great, such as dance, pottery, and photography. It was something that I would want to come back to every year until I graduate and go to real college. It also taught me discipline because in college no one is watching you like a baby. No one is telling you to go to bed or do your homework. Here it taught me how to get my priorities straight. Before I thought college life was a whole bunch of parties, but if you're not on it, no one will help you. The reasons I just listed should be a good reason for someone to say, “Yeah, if it changed somebody's life around and made them make positive choices, hey, why not do it again?”