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Heather Smith's Testimonial

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My NIU Club Camp Testimonial 

Hello, everyone. My name is Heather Smith. I am going into my junior year at Jefferson High School and my second year in the NIU Club. My freshman year at Jefferson, I was into a lot of trouble. When I was offered a spot in the NIU Club my sophomore year, I was very happy. I knew the rules that I needed to follow in order to go to “NIU Camp: the REAL Experience.” Such as: no fighting during school, being at most of the meetings, and helping with fundraisers. This gave me a reason to stay out of trouble and be responsible because I was really looking forward to camp. When the time came to go to camp, I was very excited. I can honestly say that camp was the highlight of my summer. At camp, we took college level classes and got to know the campus and its hangout spots, like the Huskies Den. I had a lot of fun, but even further I got a heads-up as to what college life will be like. Unfortunately,t his year might be the last year of the grant for camp. That is very unfortunate for me and for many others who enjoy camp, but also for those who haven't gotten the chance to experience this camp. I believe that others should have the chance to experience camp. It may be the decision between going to college or not. It may change their lives and make them want to better themselves. I know that's what it did for me. So PLEASE give others that chance.