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Saif Patel's Testimonial

Saif Patel

Being a counselor for this camp was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I not only got to interact with the students there, but also, I was able to put my will and effort into something really worth doing. It was wonderful to see how these budding adolescents expressed themselves in a generally non-academic setting so that they were really "themselves" rather than putting on a conservative mask for school and teachers.

The young people who get to participate at this camp both require and deserve such an opportunity in order that they better recognize who they are by interacting with each other and adults. I cannot think of a better way for them to really get to know themselves than with the sort of activities they have the chance to be involved in at this camp. I had nothing but the best wishes for each of the students both assigned to me and to the other adults with whom we interacted. In short, I highly recommend any college student to be a counselor and any high school student to participate in the camp.