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Anthony Moton's Testimonial

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The camp I recently attended was a very positive activity. Never in a million years did I think I would go to college and have it be a free experience. I would love to see the program go on, giving a lot of other students the same experience I did. I think that a lot of these students never thought about college but because of the NIU Club and its great attributes, we as students may now consider going to college and see what it has to offer. To know that the camp director, teachers, and professors at NIU, and students actually attending NIU would take time off their hectic schedules to give us this opportunity was very much appreciated by us (the students).

During our days here, we attended a few classes and gained proper knowledge of what college life was like. We took several free courses and I believe it was truly an honor. Aside for the classes, we had fun in the dorms playing games and listening to music. If I could, I would definitely want to come back because it's a great opportunity for me as a student. If not, the fact that it would continue on in the future would satisfy me as much because a lot of young adults need to have this experience, to meet new people and, more important, life.