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Alexis Meadows' Testimonial

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My NIU Experience

Before I came to NIU Camp, I heard throughout school that we would be walking a lot and that it would be fun. Both things came true. I had lots of fun and real, real, real long walks. But I realized that when I go to college it's going to be like this. This camp gave me a look at how it would be to have a roommate, share a bathroom with other people, and how long the walks could be to get to class. I also got knowledge of the history of sports with Dr. Arnold. I learned that basketball and football started in the 1950s. In medical mystery, the instructor gave us a kind of scenario dealing with a guy named Frank Adams. He had some problems, so in order to detect the problem, we had to run some tests.  One test was the “urine” test, we tested the “urine” and then got results. Computer gaming was my first class. I think about the class now and it's a good class for people who are interested in images and animation. It's also good for people with big imagination and who are very creative. Most people like myself were clueless until Mr. Underwood showed us some things.

This NIU Experience put me to the test with all the walking, the early mornings, and the classes. When my mom comes to pick me up and asks me how the trip was, I'm going to say it was “THE REAL NIU EXPERIENCE.”