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Amber Bell's Testimonial

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The REAL NIU Experience prepared me for college in unexpected and fun ways. I got a feel for campus life away from the classroom by the various activities I participated in during the week. I got exposed to new and interesting classes highlighting careers I had never even thought of. I got to know my way around NIU and appreciate dorm food (*wink wink*). I got to talk to “real” college professors who told me like it is, answering my questions and debunking the myths. As the classes got progressively more close to a college level, I got a taste of how academics would really be. Through this camp, and all my time here, college has become something that isn't frightening to me anymore – something I can totally handle. And that's why this program is important. It takes away the fear and tears down the wall that says, “I can't go to college.” The REAL NIU Experience made already “college bound” students ready to go, certain they could succeed.