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Donate to Rockford Jefferson High School's Real NIU Club

Dear Future Sponsor:

The students of Jefferson High School (JHS) who attended the REAL NIU Experience Camp want to continue the experience throughout this year and again next summer, however the grant does not provide full funding for another year of the camp.  The Real NIU Club provides an outlet for the students to be involved in fundraising endeavors so they can continue this positive life-changing experience. The students plan to sell pom-poms at athletic events, host dances and concerts, as well as numerous other activities throughout the year. But, that is not enough. They need your help and generosity!

As some of the JHS students edge closer to graduating from high school, they need the support of the Real NIU Club to help prepare them into entering the college setting. As a well-respected business or community member, the students would be very grateful for any support you can provide for this innovative local program for Rockford education.  By making a contribution you will be making an investment in Rockford’s future.  As a sponsor of the Real NIU Club, your name or company’s name/logo will appear on all of our literature, correspondence, and promotional materials.   

Please contribute to this important cause and make a donation today!


Real NIU Club