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University Classes

"Educational. . .Hands-on. . .Challenging. . .Fun!"

"You are able to pick the time you want to go to class. The professors really ask questions and want your opinion."

"Requires a lot of walking. . .You get plenty of exercise!"

Students who attended camp for one or more years say that the camp classes were one of the most meaningful experiences of camp (second only to living in the dorms). Campers point out a variety of reasons that camp classes were important to them.

First-year Camp

Class presentationDuring the first-year camp, students are exposed to a variety of careers related to science and math, such as engineering, forensic sciences and clinical laboratory sciences. Camp classes gave students a “taste” of the academic preparation needed for these careers and also gave them valuable information about career paths.


College-Bound Camp

Photo Story classWhen students return to camp for their second or third time, they get the chance to choose classes that interest them, or classes that will help prepare them for college-level work. Each student chose three classes: one in the morning and two in the afternoon. Third-year campers were required to take at least one English class, either English 103 or English 110. These classes were shortened versions of actual college classes. In addition to these “skill improvement” classes, campers could choose from a variety of high-interest, career-oriented classes such as journalism, photography, computer game development, digital imagery videos, and many more.

The College-Bound Camp classes showed campers what “real” college classes are like—from being allowed to freely express their ideas about poetry and history to creating art work and photo stories.