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Social Activities

"We played games and went to the Huskies Den. The Huskies Den has pool tables and bowling. We also did group building activities to get to know each other."

"People become friends with everyone, even people that you didn't exactly get along with or know. . .Meet great people. . .Make great friends!"

The REAL NIU Experience shows students that the college experience is really many experiences:  academic, life away from home, and (last, but not least) FUN! Campers got to see that, after the hard work of going to classes, walking to and from the widely-spread-out campus buildings, and doing homework, college life can also be fun.

Bowling at Huskie DenEach evening, campers had the chance to relax and unwind. They spent one evening in the Huskies Den, bowling, playing pool and playing video games. Another evening was spent in the Student Recreation Center, “getting physical”: some students played basketball, some played tennis or racquetball, and some spent their time making up dances in the dance studio. Campers were also treated to a dance, which was a good time for many students, and a trip to a local ice cream shop (very popular).

Rec CenterAfternoon activities varied, but campers always had the chance to do something. There were water balloon fights, ultimate Frisbee tournaments, bags, football, basketball, and crazy games (such as Piggy Back Tape Pull and Pull-up). Campers were kept so busy that they started to request another activity: afternoon naps.