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The Real NIU Club is a Rockford Jefferson High School program that changes the lives of each person involved (view complete history). The Club provides the students with "real" support and opportunities for academic growth, community building, service work, and preparation into college life. The purpose of this website is to provide an outlet for the club members, teachers, parents, and community by demonstrating how the Real NIU Club is an essential contributor to the future of Rockford education.

Here is what some people have to say (view testimonials):

“The NIU Club and the “REAL” NIU Experience have taught me a lot more about college than I expected...”
“My academic performance has improved since NIU camp last summer and NIU Club because it made me want to try harder to go to college…”
“When I was an incoming freshman I never thought to go to college after high school but being in the NIU Club made me think like being a well-educated woman could change my life around…”

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Keeping It Real

View the testimonials of the Real NIU Club students, JHS & NIU faculty, and counselors.