RAD Training Sessions - NIU - Department of Public Safety

RAD with Victor E Huskie

Training sessions

The training session is composed of lecture, situational discussion and self-defense techniques. A manual will be provided to the student. R.A.D. focuses on awareness and risk reduction strategies, and provides physical defense options for a variety of situations. A dynamic simulation exercise is held in which the students use their new skills to defeat trained "attackers" wearing specially padded suits in a safe and controlled environment. Students are only expected to attend and are not required to participate in the physical portion of the class. Mental confidence is a component of R.A.D. so students will not be asked to push their limits.

This format has three or four training sessions. Each session is three hours. The first three sessions build off of each other and are required. The fourth session is the dynamic simulation and is strongly recommended. The women have the option to participate in a dynamic simulation, which provides the opportunity to practice their avoidance and defense techniques in a controlled learning environment. R.A.D. is suitable for women of all ages and abilities.

The R.A.D. training sessions have a minimal fee for the manual. After attending the R.A.D. course, the student can attend any R.A.D. class at any location free of charge. All female NIU students and staff are eligible. Dates and times can be arranged to fit the schedule of the requesting organization. The location can be at the organization’s location or arranged at a location on the NIU campus. To schedule a training session or to ask a question please contact one of the below certified R.A.D. instructors.

Det. Jason McCauley
Det. Dan Mojica